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Friday, May 11, 2018

How To Increase Facebook Page Like And Followers Without Spending Money (updated)

How To Increase Facebook Page Like And Followers Without Spending Money 

how to increase like and followers

I think you must have a Facebook account or page.If you are a Blogger, YouTuber and entrepreneur. You must need a Facebook page for promoting your articles and videos etc . So lots of people don't know how to Promote there content in Facebook without spending any money. Facebook is the number one place to promote your content.According to survey  17% of population use Facebook per day. Facebook is great platform to promote your content.So today i am gonna give you a method to increase your Facebook page like and followers.

Fill your information

How to increase like and followers without spending money

Lots of people do this mistake. when you are going to make a page you did not fill all your information that's why your page can't go upper. So fill your information like 

Page name
➧ select a category
➧Add your Website URL
➧Add your profile picture
➧Add your cover Picture

Do not ignore any of one. and friends add your content 
related profile picture & cover photo.

➨Choose strong content

How to get more like

If you have a page and you share Content which people don't like any more then to your page value is 0. So always try to share strong content. Don't copy to others share what you know and share your passion. If you have like funny content in Share funny content and if you know about technology related then make tech-related page friends I mean to share what you know. Don't copy to others. If you saw somewhere a page which page have lots of likes and followers and now you are thinking to make a page that's like a page but you don't know about any technology content so no one like your page and your page value is zero so choose a strong content and share it.

➨Invite friends to like your page

How to get likes without buying fans

Suppose you have a page about tech related and I think you have also so many friends who like tech content so invite your friends and say them to share another friend who likes tech-related thing's. because if a page has like and followers and none of them interested in your content then your page like can't increase and your page value is zero. If you have low followers and all followers like your page then this is good for you. So always try to target people who're are interested in the same topic.

➨How to Get more like in post

How to get followers

Have you ever noticed that when you upload a post in your page get so low likes that happened because when you upload post like you are uploading an article and you didn't put the good title? So I have a secret tip to get like so the below image........

Look at the picture i mean look at the title I think you are seeing the #hashtags. if you are put hashtags it will transform to a keyword . means when someone searches supposed someone searches YouTube videos and I also put hashtags in my title #YouTube #videos so when someone search he will see your post first in Facebook. So put hashtag when you share something like you are going to share your article so just put hashtag about your article related hashtag.there are a site for research hashtag for Facebook. You can research what is trending in Facebook so check out this click here

Promote your post from Facebook group

Promote your post from Facebook groups

You can increase page likes and followers from Facebook groups. Lets me tell you once again according to survey 17% population use Facebook per day.there are so many Facebook groups about same related content of yours so How to Share?? you know that if you share a post from your page in other groups so many time you will get banned for 14 days. Cause i got banned from group to share an article link from my page so don't share a link to another page you will get banned i am telling because i got 14 days banned in a group. Now you are thinking how can i increase my page like and followers here the solution without share link you can post your content related image. and you can share to group and people like your to find interested post?you can search Google and then you can download and upload your page and share it to means not only one join so many groups about your same related content...... and you can promote it easily and you will get like and followers .i am saying that because i also do the same thing and i will got like and followers i am not lying i have personal experience and i am sharing with you.

➨Connect With your Followers

How To Increase Facebook Page Like And Followers Without Spending Money 

Talk with your followers what they want and ask what they like to see this is good for you and followers will be happy. Come live once a month and help your Followers and ask what they like to watch. Always try to Reply Comments,Reply to their message as much as you can. also, learn some tips and tricks.

➨How to handle haters

how to handle haters

You know that haters are someone da a bad comment and you got demotivated don't be demotivated just ignore it or do a comment next time i will take care of can avoid and can talk him personally. Ignore the jealous and hateful comment. Reduce your negative interaction with the person who does hatefull comments. Change the routine so you don't cross paths with the haters. you know that every blogger, you tuber has haters all time they got to love and hateful comments so just ignored it that's 
why they can become famous..........

Don't use 3rd parties Website to increase like and followers.

Don't use 3rd parties Website

Lot's of times you didn't get like and followers, you started to use 3rd parties Website like auto like, follow fast and more 3rd parties site so don't do that you can lose your password and other information to use 3rd parties Website or if you use you can't get like in your post .when you use 3rd parties Website yea I know that you got to like and followers but it's only for one time so don't use 3rd party website if you use you can lose your information and you don't get like and followers in you post.

➨Create backlink for increase like and followers

Create good backlink

You can like and followers by creating backlink.So join many sites like Quora, yahoo answers, Growth hacker, Warrior forum, affiliate fix, .so how to create backlinks?? In the site and you can give answers and ask when you going to give a and just create a backlink and insert your page link and also you can give your article link.

Conclusion: So friends I hope now you will get that How to increase like and the full article and you will understand that very well or if you don't understand and points just comment I will try to help you and if you like the article just spend 10 seconds and share this article thank you

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  1. very nice and good post like your post thanks for sharing.

  2. This paragraph gives clear idea for the new viewers of blogging.

  3. This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thank you!

  4. This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thank you

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